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Sensory Disorders - Large + Small Fiber

Chronic sensory neuropathy
High arches & Hammer toes
Preserved gastrocnemius size

Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy IIA (HSAN IIA; HSAN2A)
  Protein kinase, lysine-deficient 1 (WNK1; WNK1/HSN2) ; Chromosome 12p13.33; Recessive

Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy IIB (HSAN II) 5
  FAM134B ; Chromosome 5p15.1; Recessive

Hereditary sensory neuropathy with Spastic paraparesis: Autosomal recessive

Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis (Madelung syndrome)

From Johns Hopkins Medicine
  Autosomal Dominant, Mitochondrial, or Sporadic

Ulcero-mutilating Neuropathies: Dominant

HSN 1F: Sensory Neuropathy with Bone Destruction 6
  Atlastin GTPase 3 (ATL3) ; Chromosome 11q13.1; Dominant
Hereditary Sensory > Motor Neuropathy with Ulcero-mutilation 1
  Autosomal Dominant
Hereditary Sensory-Motor Neuropathy with Ulcero-mutilation 2
  Autosomal Dominant
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