Axon loss: Patchy or Variable

Patchy axon loss is associated with

Gomori trichrome stain

Gomori trichrome stain

VvG stain
Variable loss of myelinated (red) axons in the same nerve.
  Severe loss of myelinated axons in a fascicle on the left.
  More myelinated axons remain in an adjacent fascicle (right)
Myelinated axon loss: More severe in larger fascicle (Right).

Myelinated axons: Variable loss among fascicles

H&E stain
Myelinated axons: Variable loss among fascicles

Gomori trichrome stain
Myelinated axons: Variable loss among fascicles

VvG stain
Differential fascicular involvement: Endoneurial supporting cells

ATPase pH 4.3 stain

Toluidine blue stain

Drawing from Wiegert-Pal stain
R. Cassirer (1910)

Leprous polyneuropathy with
differential fascicular loss of axons
Myelinated axon loss: More in some fascicles than others.

Neurofilament stain
Axon loss, Large & Small: Greater in some fascicles than others; Variable within fascicles.

Unmyelinated Axons: Differential Fascicular & Intrafascicular Loss
  Non-myelinating Schwann cells (Red) in some areas have no associated axons (Büngner bands)
  Epineurial vessel, Abnormal: Occluded lumen; Abnormal fibrillar layer
  Axon loss: Varied
    Large axons: Complete loss (No green stained axons)
    Small axons (Yellow): Varied loss within, & among, fascicles
See: Control

Green: Neurofilament stain
Red: N-CAM stain (Non-myelinating Schwann cells)
Yellow: Small unmyelinated axons surrounded by Schwann cells
Photo by: Julia Sim

Intrafascicular axon variation
Focal inflammation around a small endoneurial vessel (Left).
Localized loss of myelinated axons (red) around the vessel (Right).

Nerve pathology associated with Vascular Occlusion

Axon Loss: More in some regions than others

Vascular pathology: Occlusion

Axon loss: Varied among fascicles

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