Denervated Schwann Cells

Büngner bands

Collagen Pockets

Büngner Bands

Toluidine blue
Bands of Büngner: Collections of processes from Denervated Schwann Cells

Denervated Schwann cells: Have normal Basal lamina outside surface membrane

Büngner Band Cells: Schwann cells with No associated axon

Small & Large Axon loss: Severe

Neurofilaments (Green); P0 (Red)
Büngner Band cells stain for P0 protein (Red; In absence of myelin) & NCAM
Axon loss: Little staining for large or small axons (Green)

Büngner bands
  p0 & NCAM co-localize in Schwann cells with no associated axons (Yellow)
  Small NCAM positive cells (Green) are associuated with remaining small, unmyelinated axons
  Normal: Many p0 positive myelin sheaths with no NCAM
  In nerves with axon loss but no Büngner bands, remaining denervated Schwann cells express NCAM but not P0.

NCAM (Green) & p0 (Red) stains

Loss of all myelinated axons

VvG stain

Loss of all axons

Neurofilament + Gomori stain

Non-Myelinating Schwann cells (NCAM stain): Remain present all through endoneurium

NCAM + Gomori

Collagen pockets

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