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Autophagic Vacuoles with Sarcolemmal Features (AVSF)

Differential diagnosis

AVSF: Pathology

Vacuoles: Small, Clear, Multiple (H&E stain)  

Vacuoles: Magenta rim (GT stain)  

Vacuoles: May stain for esterase  

Vacuoles: Staining of rim on VvG Vacuoles: More common in type I fibers (ATP pH 9.4 stain)

Vacuoles: Staining of some vacuoles with acid phosphatase Abnormal internal architecture (NADH stain)

Vacuoles: Caveolin-3 staining

Vacuoles: Caveolin-3; A caveolin aggregate is also present Vacuoles: Dystrophin

Vacuoles: No staining with laminin-α2 Vacuoles: Punctate staining with laminin B

From: Robert Schmidt MD
Vacuoles & Clusters
    Contain cytoplasmic debris, electron dense material & myeloid bodies.
    Some clusters are encircled by a membrane
    Abnormally shaped mitochondria are located near some clusters
    Also see: Autophagic vacuoles, Desmin myopathy
Vacuoles: Higher power view Sarcolemma: Disordered, Irregular
  Many associated vacuolar structures

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