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Rituximab Infusion Protocol

Orders form

Admission testing
  1. Patient is admitted for treatment by staff.
  2. On admission
  3. Patient is evaluated: Obtain
  4. Outcome assessments
  5. Laboratory
IV Access
  1. Start IV heparin lock
  2. Start normal saline at 100 cc/hr
  3. Run saline at keep vein open (kvo) rate during infusion
Rituximab Infusions Precautions
  1. Problems: Contact the Neuromuscular fellow immediately.
  2. Notify MD for
  3. Activity while in treatment center: Patient may be up ad lib
  4. After infusion is finished
  1. Patient should be sent home on their regular medicines
  2. Follow-up in the Neuromuscular clinic: Exam & Lab testing every 3 months; 2 months after final infusion.
  3. Questions or problems: Patient should call Neuromuscular office at 314-362-6981.
Follow-up testing: Blood is drawn every 2 to 3 months for

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