Muscle fibers: Regeneration

  Myopathic grouping

H&E stain
Regenerating muscle fibers
  Size: Small
  Cytoplasm: Basophilic
  Nuclei: Large

H&E stain

H&E stain

Gomori trichrome stain

Gomori trichrome stain
Immature (Regenerated) muscle fibers: Coarse internal architecture

NADH stain

NADH stain
Regenerating muscle fibers: Coarse, Darker-stained, internal architecture; Intermediate-sized

ATPase pH 4.3 stain
Immature (Regenerated) muscle fibers: Type 2C (Intermediate-stained)

ATPase pH 4.3 stain

ATPase pH 4.3 stain

Acid phosphatase stain
Regenerating muscle fibers: Neighboring endomysial acid phosphatase cells near capillaries

Regenerated Muscle Fibers: Mouse

Nuclei in regenerated muscle fibers in mice often remain in central regions of muscle fibers
Pathology cause: 1 week after injection of cardiotoxin into mouse muscle
  Many muscle fibers have central nuclei
  Regenerated muscle fibers are smaller than normal at this stage
  Regeneration after muscle fiber necrosis is less complete in region on right

H&E stain
From S Moliere

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