Hemosiderin deposits: Endomysial

Gomori trichrome stain

NADH stain
Hemosiderin deposits: Around enlarged endomysial capillaries

NADH stain

Congo red stain

H&E stain
Hemosiderin deposits
  Around endomysial capillaries (Enlarged, with thick walls)
  May also be present in perimysium in vasculitis

NADH stain
Hemosiderin deposits: Within sa cluster of enlarged capillaries

Gomori trichrome stain

C5b-9 stain
Hemosiderin Deposits: Associated with capillary pathology
  C5b-9 deposiits
  Large size

Ulex stain

Hemosiderin deposits: Epineurial

Gomori trichrome stain

Gomori trichrome stain

Prussian blue stain
Prussian blue staining of iron in muscle with endomysial hemosiderin depositis

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