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Preserved temporal crescent: With Homonymous Hemianopsia 1
  • Localizing Sign: Intracranial disease
  • Etiologies: Cerebrovascular disease (Most common), Birth injury, Trauma, Aneurysm, Migraine.
  • Anatomy
    • Sparing of most rostral portion of calcarine cortex
    • Occipital lobe more common than optic radiations
  • Visual pathways: Right and left monocular fields
    • Partially overlapping regions: Binocular field extends 120°
    • Monocular temporal crescents: Extend an additional 45° on each side
  • Clinical associations
    • Dyslexia: With preserved crescent in Right eye
    • Hallucinations: 44%

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1. Neurology 2001;57:19181921