HMSN with Minifascicles

Congo red stain
Minifascicles: Sural nerve with many small fascicles
  Age: 33 weeks gestation + 10 weeks post-partum

Gomori trichrome stain

H&E stain

Gomori trichrome stain
Sural nerve: Fascicles
  Varied size from tiny to intermediate sized

VvG stain

Neurofilament stain
Sural nerve: Axons
  Small & Larger axons in all fascicles
Small axons have associated non-myelinating Schwann cells (Yellow & Red (Below))

Neurofilament + NCAM stain

Neurofilament stain

NCAM stain

Toluidine blue stain; From K Sugie
  • Multiple small fascicles in single sural nerve
  • Reduced numbers of larger myelinated axons

Minifascicles: Sciatic Nerve

Toluidine blue stain
Sciatic nerve
  4 to 5 fold increase in numbers of fascicles

Sciatic nerve
  Many larger axons have thin, or no, myelin
  Axon populations vary among fascicles

Toluidine blue stain

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