IV Lymphoma (Angiotropic B-cell)

Lymphoma cells in vessels

H&E stain

H&E stain

Large, pleomorphic neoplastic B-cells:
  In lumens of small &
    intermediate sized vessels

H&E stain

NADH stain
Hemosiderin (Brown) in endomysium

Acid phosphatase stain
Histiocytic cells in vessel walls

Intravascular cells in endoneurium stain for
  Leukocyte common antigen

Vessel walls stain for Ulex lectin

CD20 stain   From: A Perry
CD20+ cells in vessels & connective tissue

CD20 stain
CD20+ cells in vessel walls

CD20+ cells in vessel lumens

CD20 stain

Intravascular B-cell lymphoma cells stain for: MUM-1 & BCL6

MUM-1 stain

BCL6 stain

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