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Neuromuscular Division
660 South Euclid Avenue
Box 8111-Neurology
Saint Louis, MO 63110

Phone: 314-362-6981
Fax numbers
  General: 314-362-3752
  Clinical laboratory: 314-362-3413
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Saint Louis


Our Neuromuscular Group conducts a variety of activities

  • General information
    • We treat over 2,000 outpatients each year in our Neuromuscular Clinic at Washington University in Saint Louis.
      • Specific adult & childhood disease syndromes we treat include
        • Motor Neuron Disorders
          • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS; Lou Gehrig's Disease)
          • Spinal Muscular Atrophy
        • Muscle Disorders
          • Muscular Dystrophy
          • Mitochondrial & Metabolic myopathies
          • Immune & Inflammatory Myopathies
        • Nerve Disorders: Peripheral neuropathies & Pain
        • Neuromuscular Junction: Myasthenia gravis & Myasthenic syndromes
      • Other patients
        • Most have disorders of: Muscle; Peripheral nerve
        • Some have: Ataxia; Spinal cord disorders
      • Neuromuscular Disorder Physicians: All are specialty trained in neuromuscular disorders
    • Our neuromuscular clinic is supported by the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).
      • It is a designated ALS clinic.
    • A full range of available services includes
      • Medical Diagnostic & Treatment
      • Physical & Occupational therapy
      • Respiratory care
      • Nutritional, Swallowing & Speech services
      • Cardiac evaluation
      • Orthotics
      • Social work
      • Medical & Rehabilitation supplies
      • Wheelchair evaluation.
      • Ultrasound: Neuromuscular
      • Electrodiagnostics: Neuromuscular
      • Pathology: Muscle, Nerve & Skin
      • Autoantibody testing: Neuromuscular
      • Clinical Research: Testing & Evaluation
      • Genetics: Neuromuscular
      • Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) services
        • For all covered MDA-related disorders
        • The MDA is the only ALS service organization in Saint Louis committed
            to provide all their services for all ALS patients and families

  • Clinic Appointments: New Patient
    • Please send or fax medical records to
        Neuromuscular Disease Center
        Box 8111-Neurology
        660 South Euclid Avenue
        Saint Louis, MO 63110
        Phone: 314-362-6981; Fax: 314-362-3752
    • It is very helpful if the records include
      • A diagnosis or reason for referral
      • A recent history and physical examination by a neurologist
      • Insurance information
      • The name and address of referring physician(s) to whom we can send our reports
    • After two weeks call 314-362-6981 to discuss the status of your appointment
    • If there is a need for an urgent appointment
      • Please have your physician call us: 314-362-6981, option 5
    • Other information about new patient appointments
      • Call us at 314-362-6981 and choose option 1: Listen to directions

  • Telephone Instructions

  • Clinic visits: Patients should come to
    • The Center for Advanced Medicine (Forest Park & Euclid), 6th floor
    • Parking: North garage on Euclid Ave
    • Maps

  • Clinic appointments: Other
HELP: Contact information

  • Our active electrodiagnostic service (314-362-3324) studies 2,500 patients per year.
  • Available tests include
    • Electromyography
    • Nerve conduction studies
    • Repetitive nerve stimulation
    • Single fiber EMG
    • Quantitative sensory evaluation
    • Autonomic testing
    • Ultrasound: Nerve & Muscle
  • More information: See WUP website

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  Alan Pestronk (Director, Neuromuscular Division)
  Muhammad Al-Lozi (Director, Electrodiagnostic Lab)
  Julaine Florence (Director, Clinical Studies)
  Anne Connolly (Director, Pediatric Neuromuscular)
  Glenn Lopate
  Paul Golumbek
  Chris Weihl: Web Site
  Tim Miller: Web Site
  Craig Zaidman
  Arun Varadhachary
  R Brian Sommerville
  Robert Bucelli
  Stefanie Geisler
  Year 1: Rocio Carolina Garcia, Alex Dietz,
    Naveen Addagatla, Ahmed Bamaga
  Year 2 or 3: Cindy Ly, Ziad Alhumayyd, Matt Burford
Administrative staff: Traci Christenson, Pat Foerstel,
    Marty Caldera, Tina Chisholm, Regina Johnson,
    Becky Nguyen, Laurie Doyle, Justine Pratt
Laboratory staff: Rati Choksi, Ruma Banerjee,
    Robyn Reese, Beth Streif, Shobhna Mehta,
    Richard Keeling, Khristina Gutting, Gary Mueller
Clinical trials group: Julaine Florence, Reneé Renna,
    Kathryn Foy, Krystal Reese, Alyssa Sonsoucie,
    Catherine Siener, Linda Schimmoeller
    Jennifer Jockel-Balsarotti, Pallavi Anand
Rehabilitation Services: Kathryn Foy, Becca Gadeken,
    Catherine Seiner, Rob Hails, Julaine Florence
    Reneé Renna, Katie Rybczynski, Carrie Mosley
Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA):
    Therese Gabriel, Monica Meriwether, Toni Hails

MDA Telethon: September 2010

  Neuromuscular Group
  Former Neuromuscular Fellows


NEUROMUSCULAR RESEARCH: Our research spans a wide range of clinical and basic topics.
We study disorders of the spinal cord, peripheral nerve, neuromuscular junction and muscle.
Disorders under study include:
  Immune mechanisms and autoantibodies in neuromuscular disorders.
  Hereditary disorders of the spinal cord, nerve, neuromuscular junction and muscle.
  Clinical trials of medications and trophic factors in neuromuscular disorders.

Clinical studies & trials at the Neuromuscular Disease Center at Washington University include  

 INFORMATION: Call Ms. Traci Christenson at 314-362-6981, Option 5
  * Open to new patients

    Neuromuscular Disease Project: Healthy volunteers & Patients with NM disorders
Cerebrospinal fluid repository*
    Neuromuscular Genetics Project: Hereditary Disorders
Motor Neuron Disease (ALS)*
Nerve Disease*
Muscle Disease*
Multifocal motor neuropathy: Rituximab treatment
Anti-MAG neuropathy: Rituximab treatment
Waldenström's macroglobulinemia
Sjögren syndrome
    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Genetics & Genetic modifiers*
c9orf72 Natural history*
SOD1-ALS: Genetic therapy
GSK 1223249
    Spinal muscular atrophy
Sodium phenylbutyrate treatment for children
Valproate treatment for adults
Quality of life
    Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Quality of life
Genetic diagnosis*
GSK DMD 114876 Oligonucleotide treatment
Cardiomyopathy: Losartan vs Lisinopril
    Inherited myopathy: Other
Acid maltase: Diagnostic and treatment study
Limb-Girdle muscular dystrophy: Diagnostic and natural history study*
Distal myopathy + Paget's disease: Clinical and Genetic study*
Periodic paralysis: Dichlorphenamide
Ultrasound evaluation of muscle & nerve*
HIBM, GNE mutations: Treatment trial
    Immune & inflammatory myopathies
Myositis-specific antibodies: Clinical & pathological correlations
Dermatomyositis: Treatment trials
Dermatomyositis & Polymyositis: Pathology
Inclusion body myositis: Etanercept (Enbrel) treatment
Myasthenia gravis: Genome-wide association study

Conferences and Teaching include
  • Neuromuscular Grand rounds (monthly; 1st Wednesday of each month 8 am)
  • Clinic patient review (weekly)
  • Clinical rounds (4 times weekly);
  • Electrodiagnostic
    • Clinical conference (Al-Lozi; weekly)
    • Basic EMG & Nerve conduction conference (Al-Lozi et al.; weekly)
    • Electrophysiology teaching conference (weekly)
  • Muscle and Nerve biopsy
    • Reading (weekly; Saturday mornings)
    • Teaching & Unknowns (weekly; Wednesday 2:45 pm)
  • Neuromuscular Journal Club (weekly; Friday 12:30 pm),
  • Laboratory meetings (Pestronk; weekly); (Basic group; 2x/month)

Fellowships in neuromuscular diseases, electrodiagnosis and research are provided.
To apply send a personal letter and 3 letters of recommendation to
    Dr. A Pestronk (Neuromuscular Fellowship)
    Dr. M Al-Lozi (Neuromuscular Electrodiagnostic Fellowship)
Rotations (2 months) for residents in neurology and rehabilitation are available.

Guidelines for Autoantibody Testing:
Motor Syndromes
Anti-Sulfatide Antibodies
Anti-MAG Antibodies

The staff of the neuromuscular division also has a sense of humor.

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