LGMD 2T (GMPPB mutations)

H & E stain
Myopathy: Mild active & chronic changes
  Necrosis & Regeneration: Scattered
  Fiber size: Varied
    Small fibers: Rounded or Polygonal
  Endomysial connective tissue: Normal or Slightly increased
  Internal nuclei: Some fibers

H & E stain

  Necrosis: Scattered
  Fiber size: Varied
  Internal nuclei: Some fibers

Gomori trichrome stain

VvG stain

  Small muscle fibers: Both types; Scattered
  2C muscle fibers: Few

ATPase pH 9.4 stain

ATPase pH 4.3 stain

Small muscle fiber: : Regenerating, Coarse internal architecture

NADH stain

Necrotic muscle fiber: Replaced by esterase+ cells

Esterase stain

Aggregated Caveolin-3: Sub-sarcolemmal

Caveolin-3 stain

α-Dystroglycan (Green): Reduced or Absent on the surface of some muscle fibers

α-Dystroglycan - Green; Caveolin-3 - Red

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