Unknowns: "Holey" Muscle fibers

Each of these biopsies shows "holes" in muscle fibers.

What stains would you perform to make the diagnosis?

A 64 year old female complains of difficulty swallowing and arising from chairs.
Examination shows asymmetric patchy weakness,
  especially in the quadriceps and hand grip.
Serum CK is 300.

A 20 year old male noted muscle discomfort during intense exercise.
Examination shows normal strength, and a tendency to "give way".
Serum CK is 500. EMG is myopathic.

A 35 year old male is admitted to the ICU for respiratory failure.
Exam shows a vital capacity of 50% of predicted,
  and weakness of thigh adductors.
Serum CK is 1,465. EMG shows myopathy and fibrillations.

An 8 year old female has chronic, slowly progressive weakness.
She was normal until 1.5 years of age.
Examination shows weakness in proximal & facial muscles.
Serum CK is 600.
Cardiac evaluation: Ventricular hypertrophy & R bundle branch block.

An 20 year old male is evaluated for myalgias.
Examination shows mild proximal weakness.
Serum CK is 300.

A 20 year old male has had several episodes of weakness on awakening.
Now he is having difficulty arising from chairs.
Examination shows mild proximal weakness.
EMG is myopathic.

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