Washington University School of Medicine
Department of Neurology
660 S. Euclid, Box 8111
St. Louis, MO 63110
Phone:  314-362-6981; FAX:  314-362-3752
C.A.P. Lab # 19233-16
Medicare provider # 26-8235
CLIA Certificate # 26D0652044
Director: Alan Pestronk, M.D.
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To obtain antibody testing:
    ·      Draw blood in a red top tube
    ·      Remove 3-5 cc of serum
    ·      Send with requisition, at room temp (freezing is not necessary), via overnight mail to
                Alan Pestronk, M.D.
                Washington University Med. School.
                Department of Neurology, Box 8111
                660 South Euclid Avenue
                St. Louis, MO 63110

Other information
    ·      Overseas samples may be sent at ambient temperature by courier to arrive within 72 hours.
    ·      Complete the form on reverse side for each patient.
    ·      Prices:
                        Motor Neuropathy = $265
                        Sensory  ±  Motor neuropathy =  $ 360
                        Sensory Neuropathy - Neuronopathy = $ 430
                        Peripheral Neuropathy = $ 530
                        Demyelinating Neuropathy = $ 495
                INDIVIDUAL ANTIBODIES (with another test or Panel) =  $80 - $140
    ·      Specimens received from a hospital will be billed directly to that institution.
    ·      All other specimens will be billed to the patient/insurance.
    ·      To expedite billing insurance for the patient, complete information is needed
               on the reverse side of this form including the SUBSCRIBER’S SIGNATURE.
               Please send any claim forms you may have.
    ·      Checks should be made payable to Washington University-Pestronk.
    ·      New York State Lab Permit Address:  Neuromuscular Clinical Laboratory; IWJ building Room 404;
                    509 South Euclid Avenue; Box 8111; St. Louis, MO 63110

    ·      Results and interpretations are sent to the referring physician/lab in 2-4 weeks.

Alan Pestronk, M.D.
(REV 2/08 AP)